Where is Zlatan

Challenging football superstar Zlatan Ibrahimović to start collecting toys and teddy bears from his house, and share them with kids around the world, we aim to inspire his colleagues and many other people in the world to follow. More people collecting = more happy kids.

Click to watch Max read a poem to Zlatan in person.

De Studenten-Advocaat

A platform for students that face legal issues, and lack the resources to hire a lawyer. The lawyers we work with, are being paid by the Dutch government. This way, we are able to lower the barriers for underprivileged people to reach out for legal assistance.

Sinterklaas Toy Raiser

Each year, Lions Club GIJS gathers toys to hand out to kids from underprivileged families for Sinterklaas - a local holiday for kids.

The collection, covered in media, unites hundreds of families to gather tens of thousands of items. Corporate partners do substantial, financial donations.