Max Wohlgemuth Kitslaar is the driving force behind projects and ventures with social impact.

Max rode his 40-year old motorcycle from Chile to NYC to document entrepreneurs that work towards a better world. Miles Ahead, the book about this crowdfunded, 17,000-kilometre trip was published in 2016. Also, he speaks to companies about how each of us can have social impact.


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action-driven | spirited | enterprising

Max played a key role in expanding an online tech startup into a worldwide-selling multinational. He founded an organic sparkling wine business, and set up several social start-ups in the legal industry.

Max also set up the media campaign for a national concert for worldwide peace in the largest music venue in the Netherlands, and modelled logistics and implemented a social media campaign for an annual, national toy raiser for over ten thousand underprivileged children.


Passionate | international

According to his mom, Max inherited his zealous engagement from his grandfather - an influential politician.

His Polish, German, and Dutch roots may well explain his global focus: Max communicates in five major languages, has lived and worked in Argentina and Ecuador, and his most treasured possession is his passport.

Max holds master degrees in Criminal Law and Latin American Studies.