Max Wohlgemuth Kitslaar is a speaker, business author, and action designer who examines how entrepreneurs all over the world create social impact, and how we can learn from them.

Exploring the frontiers on an old-timer motorcycle, Max inspires, empowers, and enables your business to innovate, and to create a better future.


miles ahead - the book


Learn from a 10,000-mile motorcycle trip on an old-timer Moto Guzzi, and from entrepreneurs across the Americas that work towards a better world.

Available in Spanish, Dutch and English.

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action design


Learn the key elements to get a project going, and boost your company with engagement, innovation, and change.

As an action designer, Max models projects through the use of storytelling, innovative design, and social impact.

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Miles Ahead - Max Wohlgemuth Kitslaar

what clients say

Max has been working on social impact projects by conducting business, by exploring human rights and environmental law in Latin America, and by setting up social start-ups. Max’s adventure travels combine social impact and business. His stories are a true cure against mental poverty.
— Prof. Mr. Th. C. van Boven, Former Director of Human Rights at the United Nations
Max played a key role in developing our technology business into a multinational. Leading our Latin American operations and legal matters, he liaised with our partners across the globe in four languages. Max has strong social skills, is reliable, business-savvy, and full of energy. An asset to any company.
— Marco Kloots, Global CEO Platform161